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The History of Maurer, NJ

The personal injury lawyers in Maurer, NJ, at NJ Injury Guys, would like to share some interesting details about the neighborhood.


Maurer is a coastal neighborhood that lies along the Arthur Kill waterway. It is part of the industrial district Perth Amboy and is located northeastern region of Middlesex County, New Jersey. The main roadways are State Street, Amboy Avenue, and Lawrence Street. 


Originally the area was named after a company town that was built in 1876. However, it was called Barber for a period of time, after the Barber Asphalt Company, which was formed in 1920 and is now the Perth Amboy Refinery.

The area was home to the New Jersey Shipbuilding Company and played an integral part during World War II. It built and decommissioned ships for the United States Navy throughout the war. 


The neighborhood is predominantly an industrial area with many brownfields and oil refineries, such as the Chevron Oil Refinery. Some of the other industrial companies include: 

  • V & S Amboy Galvanizing
  • Chevron Asphalt Plant
  • North American Aggregates
  • Englert Inc. 

The area is not only home to industrial warehouses but also includes a small park, Rudyk Park. The park offers the following amenities for the community:

  • baseball field
  • soccer field
  • playground equipment


In addition to the other neighborhoods that make up the Perth Amboy area, the population was 50,814 and consisted of 15,419 households and 11,456 families. The racial makeup of the communities was the following:

  • 50.26% white
  • 10.54% African American
  • 78.10% Hispanic or Latino
  • 1.69% Asian
  • 1.10% Native American
  • 0.05% Pacific Islander
  • 30.77% other races
  • 5.58% two or more races

Approximately 39.1% of the population was born outside of the United States, and 71.4% speak Spanish. The ancestral breakdown of the residents is the following:

  • 32.7% Dominican
  • 22.9% Puerto Rican
  • 9.7% Mexican
  • 5.7% South American
  • 3.0% Jamaican

The median annual household income for the community as a whole was $47,696, which was an increase from $37,608 in 2000. The occupational breakdown of the working adults is as follows:

  • 40.6% manufacturing and laborer occupations
  • 22.5% sales and service positions
  • 22.3% executive, management, and professional roles
  • 14.6% clerical, assistant, and tech support positions

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Gabriel A. DiLeonardo, Sr., Esq.
Date Published: May 13, 2021
Gabriel DiLeonardo, Esq. is a New Jersey licensed attorney-at-law. He helps people who suffer injuries get justice through personal injury lawsuits.
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