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A Closer Look at the History of Spring Lake, NJ

The personal injury lawyers in Spring Lake, NJ, at NJ Injury Guys would like to share some interesting details about the area.

Spring Lake

This borough is located in the southeastern section of Monmouth County in New Jersey. It lies on the Jersey Shore and takes up 1,120 acres, of which 262.4 acres is water, such as Spring Lake. Lake Como and West Belmar are to the north of the town, and Spring Lake Heights is to the west. Just south across Wreck Pond is Sea Girt. The main roadways in the neighborhood are Brighton Avenue, 3rd Avenue, and Ocean Avenue. 


The borough was incorporated on March 14, 1892. It took land from Wall Township to form the area it is today. During the late 19th century, the area was developed into a resort on the coast for high society members in the states of New York and Philadelphia. The historic Martin Maloney Cottage is a surviving example of the architecture that prevailed during this time. 

In 1916, a series of five shark attacks took place off of the Jersey Shore. The second attack involved 27-year-old Charles Bruder. Bruder was less than 130 yards off the shore from one of the town's beaches when he was attached. He was a bellhop for the Essex and Sussex Hotel and died on July 6, 1916. These attacks were said to have inspired the novel by Peter Benchley and a follow-up film by Steven Spielberg, Jaws. 

Historical Landmarks

On Morris Avenue is the Martin Maloney Cottage. The cottage, owned and built by Marquis Martin Maloney, once sat on the Ballingarry Estate. The land of the estate has since been developed, but the cottage was built sometime around the mid-1850s still stands today. Maloney was an Irish potato famine refugee that came to the country with his parents in 1854. He is also credited for building the St. Catharine Roman Catholic Church in 1901. 


As per the 2010 census, the neighborhood's population was 2,993. This count consisted of 1,253 households and 829 families. In 2000, the population was 3,567, suggesting a decrease of 16.1% over the ten-year span. The racial makeup of the area is the following:

  • 87.14% white 
  • 3.24% African American
  • 8.00% Hispanic or Latino
  • 4.50% Asian
  • 0.19% Native American
  • 0.01% Pacific Islander
  • 2.89% other races
  • 2.04% two or more races

English is the most commonly spoken language, but some households speak Slavic languages and Spanish. The area's population consists of 39.4% identifying as being of Irish American ancestry. Other common ancestries of the area include:

  • Asian
  • Italian
  • German
  • Polish
  • English.

The annual median household income was $97,885 in 2010, down from $115,709 in 2008. As many as 7.71% of the population works from home. The occupational breakdown of the employed residents was the following:

  • 25.00% executive and management occupations
  • 13.18% sales and service positions
  • 10.64% business and financial occupations 

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Gabriel A. DiLeonardo, Sr., Esq.
Date Published: May 13, 2021
Gabriel DiLeonardo, Esq. is a New Jersey licensed attorney-at-law. He helps people who suffer injuries get justice through personal injury lawsuits.
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